MLG Columbus Preview – Top 8 Seeds

The top 8 seeds for Columbus are as follows:

  1. compLexity Gaming
  2. UNiTE Gaming
  3. Curse Las Vegas
  4. OpTic Gaming
  5. Team EnVyUs
  6. Team KaLiBeR
  7. Kelevra Fuse
  8. FaZe Competitive

Now lets hit on some of the key news from each of these teams heading into Columbus

#1 Seed compLexity Gaming

Complexity Gaming dominated Black Ops 2 with wins at Machinima Frag Cup IV,  MLG Anaheim, Gfinity, UMG Atlanta, Gfinity 2, MLG Fall Invitational, and ESWC. Winning almost every major tournament that they attended arguably makes them the best team in Black Ops 2. As we know Ghosts will be featured at Columbus and not Black Ops 2 which everyone in the eSports community knows that it is a very different game. When the team started scrimming soon after the game came out many tweets from the team suggested that they were not performing well, but just a day later Clayster had this tweet:

CompLexity Gaming not dropping maps in scrims is not much of a surprise to anyone as they did not drop many maps in major tournaments either.

#3 Seed Curse LV

After Nameless and Parasite (Fly a kite) left Unite soon after they joined Curse Las Vegas which now consists of Nameless, Parasite, Mirx, and Stainville. The Nameless and Parasite duo came together and had a good tournament win at PAX Prime. Along with this Nameless has never lost a 2k tournament series on Gamebattles. It seems since Curse LV has came together they have been placing well in online tournaments and doing quiet well in scrims. This new line up seems to have rejuvenated the players and they are competing at their best.

#4 Seed OpTic Gaming

In Modern Warfare 3 Optic Gaming was one of the most successful Call of Duty teams of all time winning almost every single tournament during the season. After this great success in MW3 they had high hopes for Black Ops 2 which ended up being crushed over and over again every tournament. They came out on top at UMG Chicago, but that was there only win of the season. After this came disappointing finish after disappointing finish rounding it out with a heart breaking loss to CoL who had a 5-0 SnD comeback on them to win the MLG Invitational. They are moving on from Black Ops 2 and now playing another Infinity Ward game which they had a lot of success on last time they released a game. With Columbus being the first competition for Ghosts only 2 weeks after launch we will see how good they really are at Infinity Ward games.

#7 Seed Kelevra Fuse

You should say that this team has exploded onto the scene placing very well in almost every online tournament that they play in. They went from a relatively small amateur unknown team to upsetting favorites and some top pro teams. Most recently in the Ghosts 2k series they beat team after team surprising everyone in the first large tournament on Ghosts. Twitter blew up as they advanced through the bracket with people excited for the team. They made it all the way to the finals to match up against Curse LV a obvious favorite as Nameless has never dropped a 2k series. Proving themselves by making it to the finals in the 2k series they came up short and fell to Curse LV. They will start in the championship bracket as the 7th seed and look to take home the first Ghosts tournament.


I will be covering the event as Press on site. If you would like to vote on the type of coverage you want to see please refer to my last post. Also you can contact me on twitter @XBLBarccc


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